Google Shopping

We Connect Prospects With Your Products Each Time It Matters

Dominate across the channels as you maximize each and every sales opportunity which comes your way.

With transparency and ever increasing choice available to your customers, a laser point targeted Shopping Campaign with Google which can ensure that your online store is the most dominant choice for users which are ready-to-buy and are searching for your products. We go beyond the relevant keywords as our team of senior Pay Per Click strategists at Cloudpetra creates a shopping strategy which is driven by our exclusive data insights and your audience. 

Techniques and Technology Which Are Transformative For Brands

We deliver a magnificent experience to our customers as we cut through the shopping noise and text heavy search. We use the specialist knowledge and PPC technologies which run through our talented teams. And the clients which partner with Cloudpetra may see a whopping 30% more conversion rates as compared to only using the text advertisements. 

We make sure to streamline the sales funnel so the genuine and actual prospects could easily achieve their goals for generating lasting connections and fast sales with the target audience during the intent phase. And also to create visual ads which ensure the pale of your competitors’ in comparison. We maximize the best of your marketing and boost Return On Investment (ROI) by extending the PPC strategies of your online store to us. 

Real-Time Optimisation And Omnichannel Solutions

Cloudpetra makes your Google Shopping Campaign even more powerful by integrating it with other channels which are proven to accelerate your eCommerce results. You will have an entire team of talented professionals which specialize in their own niche by working together as a complete unit on one campaign which is in accordance to your goals. With a strategy which is optimized, measured and planned to the end detail at each stage, businesses which work with us do achieve scalable and real growth. 

Plug Cloudpetra into your business’ marketing team and access our wealth of support, experience, and knowledge as your business grows. Get to experience an actual value adding partnership with our senior strategists, creatives, and Pay Per Click (PPC) experts who are obsessed with the performance of your brand.