Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Capture & then convert the intent of the consumer with a desired audience driven Google Ad Campaign.

Engage your consumer with Google’s host of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) opportunities. 

The spread of various opportunities with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) offers an effective method to capture and then convert online users’ attention in order to drive revenue. As we serve up content in a buyer’s journey at optimal times, the brand can actually rely and capitalise on this effective and powerful marketing channel. With some of the finest Google Ads Specialists, Cloudpetra team could be an integral part of your Google search campaigns. 

Our highly advanced actress and knowledge of consumer insights can easily enable us to develop integrated campaigns which are driven by your customers, not only the keywords. By executing the adaptive, personal ads, we got the right tools to accelerate your business’ growth and maximise your campaign. And ultimately adding an unparalleled value to your valuable consumers while placing you right at the forefront of the industry.

Multi Channel Google Ad Campaign

Cloudpetra’s in-house team of Search Engine Marketing Experts build the Google Ad campaign which perfectly aligns with your business goal by utilising the automation and various other innovative technologies. As we maximise the budget with intelligent bidding, the omnichannel solutions of ours do allow us to optimise, measure, and plan through all the relevant channels. 

It means designing Google Shopping Campaigns for the e-commerce businesses which want to establish themselves as the leading option for customers and interrupt their industry. We are going to integrate your Google Ad Campaigns as well with Google Display Network and email campaigns in order to target your desired audience and increase your cross platform visibility. In depth data at Cloudpetra helps us to target and accelerate the most valuable leads through sales with enhancements and relentless testing along the way. 

Results which matter to the growth of your business

Whether on mobile or desktop, our Search Engine Marketing experts at Cloudpetra can plan such a Google Ads strategy which connects with your desired audience segments at the same moment your audience is searching for your services or products. We are going to work with you in order to understand your landscape and goals for designing campaigns which are made to build brand awareness, boost foot traffic, encourage phone calls, and increase website traffic. No matter what type of Google ad campaign has the most remarkable impact on your growth, we are going to ensure that your budget is focused optimally. 

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Successful PPC Remarketings

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